How off grid are the tents?

We are not connected to mains electricity.  We use solar power to charge power packs which provide (limited) lighting in each room & USB charging, dependent on the daylight hours and sunshine (we do not recommend charging video cameras, laptops etc as this will drain all of the stored power very quickly. It is a good idea to bring your own power pack/s so that you can cover yourself for an emergency).

We have solar lights in the living area and outside. We also supply lanterns for additional lighting.

LPG gas supplies the outdoor shower, fridge, and hob. 

We have a log burning stove in the bathroom that supplies hot water to the bath and all sinks.

We aren’t connected to sewage mains, so we have a septic tank.

We don’t have Wi-Fi but all phone networks give good coverage in our area. Wi-Fi is available locally.


What happens if the battery pack provided runs out?

You will have no main lights or charging facilities until you have recharged the battery pack via the solar panel the next day.


How do you use the equipment in the tents?

Before you arrive, we will send you a link to our custom app giving you lots of info on how all the equipment works including useful video instructions.  We ask that you share with the adults in the group and please have a look before you arrive.  You can download the app onto any device, but the instruction videos still require internet as they’re on YouTube.


What’s included?

Bed linen and throws, blankets, bathroom towels and mats, generous starter kits for the kitchen and bathrooms. All wood, firelighters and briquettes. Starter bag of BBQ lump wood charcoal.  We provide some solar lanterns,  battery candle lanterns and torches. We also provide camping chairs.


What to bring?

Battery packs, torches, beach towels, infant cot bedding, outdoor rugs, Insect repellant, children’s camping/outdoor chairs and more charcoal and Ice for the cool box (if required).


How warm are the tents?

Our tents are insulated from underneath and have an extra roof canopy to provide further shelter over the structure.  The wood-burning water heater in the bathroom and the stove in the living area provide heating.  We also provide cosy beds, lots of blankets and hot water bottles.


Can we have food deliveries to site?

Unfortunately not...due to our location and in the interest of site security, we do not permit food deliveries. The private farm lane is narrow, without a turning point and needs to be kept clear at all times. There is a well-stocked Tesco supermarket which is a 5 minute drive away and do offer a Click and Collect service.  There are also many independent shops locally.


Can we bring our own disposable BBQ, gas BBQ, fireworks or candles?

No...in the interests of safety, the use of disposable or your own gas BBQ’s, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, real candles or any other naked flame is prohibited. We are constructed totally out of wood and canvas. We supply LED candles, lanterns etc. Each tent has a large Kadai fire bowl which has a BBQ rack and tripod for the warming pan. This fire bowl is also a wonderful campfire.


Can we smoke or vape in the tents?

Smoking or using e-cigarettes are not permitted either within the tent or on the deck.


Do you have any age restrictions?

No, but there must be a responsible adult over the age of 18 years staying in each tent each night.


Do you accept Stag & Hen Type Party Groups?

We are a quiet glamping site so we don’t accept Stag or Hen party type groups but we will consider single sex groups on an individual basis, so please email or call us for a chat. Please note that we ask that guests keep noise to a minimum after 10.30pm and before 8am, in consideration of others.


Can I book more than one tent or the whole site?

Yes! If you wish to book 2 or more tents or even the whole site, please call or email us as this cannot be done on our online booking system. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.


What are the check in and out times?

Arrival time is any time after 4pm. However, It is very important to plan to arrive at the site during daylight as it will take some time to unload your luggage and to become familiar with how the unusual equipment works in your canvas lodge. As we are off-grid it is necessary to do this during daylight hours. Before you arrive we will send you a check in pack with the gate code, safe code, key instructions and our app. We operate a self-check in and we are very hands off so that you can be left in peace to enjoy your holiday, so we have an app that explains how all the equipment works with detailed instruction videos. We recommend that all your guests have a good look at this before arrival.

Departure time is by 9.30am. Please leave the tent in a clean and tidy condition. We would be grateful if you could empty all internal bins & put them in the outside ones that you will find in your tent shed to the rear. There is a key drop slot in the chalet for you to leave the lodge keys.


Do you offer discounted ferry travel?

Yes. We have a trade account with Wightlink and we will provide you with a discount link once your booking is confirmed.


Do the lodges have a safe?

Yes.  They key to the safe will be on the keys provided.


Do you accept pets?

We do not accept pets, so you can kick off those shoes and feel the grass between your toes!